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Tschorn 3D Testers

Tschorn is continuously developing new and innovative products. Precision, reliability and quality are the focus of all Tschorn 3D testers. Tschorn manufactures all of their products on precise and modern machine centers to achieve unsurpassed reliability. Tcshorn quality control is second to none as they check and optimize all of their products continuously. New product designs, optimizations and ideas are all derived from customer requirements. By doing this, Tschorn can keep their product portfolio continuously aligned current customer requirements.

VI Plus 3D Tester

$489 USD

The 3D-Tester VIplus (visual plus) is easier to read, even at large machines. The 3D-Tester stands out with its robust structure and slim and attractive design. Its precise and versatile capabilities enable fast and easy calculation of work piece reference points and lengths. Probing is possible in all axle directions (X/Y/Z) at the same indicator resolution. As soon as the indicator is at "0", the vertical axis is exactly on the edge of the work piece.

VI Plus 3D Tester
VI Plus 3D Tester