• Our New CNC Head
  • CNC Flame Cutting
  • Sliding Door Enclosed Stand

Latest Projects

We seem to have a lot of projects on the go here... Things from new CNC kits to a CNC flame cutting machine. Check out the individual projects below... PLease be patient as I am adding additional details to our new site all the time. Unfortunately, some of the pages are not quite finished yet.

Sliding Door CNC Cabinet

We have designed an enclosed cabinet for our MD001-CNC machine. The new version will have two sliding doors rather than one large swing down door.

Retrofit CNC kits

Kits for Our original MD001, SIEG X3/SX3, Optimums BF20. Details comming soon

CNC Flame cutter

A common table design for CNC Flame or plasma cutting. Will hold a 4' x 8' sheet and has a water table option for the plasma cutter. Details comming soon

New Head for the MD001-CNC

8000 rpm, Cartridge Spindle, High/Low gears, Pneumatic tool release, Encoder feedback for rigid tapping. Details comming soon

4th axis 12" rotary table

Servo driven and torque multiplied with flex spline gear technology. This jem will be a nice addition to any larger size CNC mills. Details comming soon