• MD001-CNC
  • Enclosed CNC stand

Welcome To Machine Tools Warehouse

We have made a lot of changes here at Machine Tools Warehouse over the last little while. There won't be anymore "cart" based web store as I have moved away from selling imported manual machines & tools. Over the years that I was selling these machines, I had come up with a lot of ideas for CNC based projects. I have always enjoyed manual machining but I love the power, speed and ease at which ideas can come to life under computer control. Computers in our age have become so inexpensive and powerful that it is hard to ignore what can be done with one.


We have put a lot of focus onto our new stand.. Perfect for keeping all the mess where it belongs. Either with dry machining or with full flood coolant, all your chips and fluid stay contained within the cabinet. This cabinet is designed to fit our MD001-CNC machine (which is based on our original MD001 - IH Clone Machine)

We have also added BOBCAD-CAM software to our website. It is amazing software that is easy to use. It will save you hours in machining time and the cost will surprise you when compared with the other major CAD/CAM packages.

Check out our projects page to see what we are working on right now!