• v29 BobCAD-CAM
  • v29 BobCAD-CAM

v29 BobCAD-CAM

    The release of BobCAD-CAM V29 brings with it, the most powerful, versatile Lathe module in the history of the BobCAD-CAM software family. The Development team at BobCAD-CAM has rebuilt the Lathe portion of the software to deliver unparalleled control and power to our customers. We build our software based on customer requests, and this release is no different. BobCAD-CAM V29 brings functions that provide speed, intelligence, and much needed organization to the, easy to use flow that our customers know and love. With key improvements in everything from CAD, to CAM, to Simulation, BobCAD-CAM V29 helps take the headaches out of your everyday work and will have you cutting more, have you cutting it faster, and will have you cutting more efficiently than ever before.

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